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tv   7 News at 11 PM  NBC  February 17, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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office. back to normal temperatures but not for long. a weekend warm up. a close call for an elderly driver. protecting your privacy. apple fighting the feds after being ordered to break into the phone of the san bernardino shooters. red sox head into new training with hope. we're live in fort 3450ir myers. a local mom wanted to get her daughter a new phone. when the phone didn't work, the company put her on hold. >> until she asked us to solve it 7. flames tear apart this home in plymouth. at least one person died in that fire tonight. and crews are still there right now. >> let's get right to our breaking news on the night team who has more details on it. >>reporter: that fire broke out
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at 9:30 tonight. the flames quickly spread tearing through the house before crews had a chance of getting it under control. it's a three story home. it's hard to tell through the flames what is even in there. at least one person was inside when the fire brokes out. moments ago, we got confirmation that one person died. we will be continuing to follow the story for you and bring you any updates as we get the developments. also from the night team, a local law maker accused of being on the wrong side of the law. the fbi and irs raiding the office of state senator joyce. >>reporter: kim, this is the senator's law office. this is where he works when he's not at the state house. today it was raided as his
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as night falls, the fbi and irs continue to take boxes out of state senator brian joyce's law office. they raided the place as part of a federal investigation into the law maker. >>woman: it's not just the tip of the iceberg, it is an iceberg. >>reporter: they had their eye on the senator for quite sometime. >>woman: there was allegations about pressuring people into giving business to his law firm. giving goods and services, particularly dry cleaning. >>reporter: on the state level, the office of campaign and political finance and found he used campaign funds to have a graduation party at his home and lease a car for two years. now as the feds step in, the governor says it's worth a closer look. >>man: all of us in public life take the fact that we have to play by the rules seriously.
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issues that were raised previously with respect to the senator's relationship to some of the folks in his district. >>reporter: with no sightings of the senator at his law office, his attorney spoke for him saying senator joyce has been cooperating with each ininquiry and believes he's done absolutely nothing wrong. and tonight, the state's republican chair is demanding that the senator step down. the night team now in fair haven where a driver was rescued from icy waters after a truck went off the road. the accident happened just after 3:00. officers found the truck upside down with the driver trapped inside. the first responders and a good samaritan jumped into the frigid waters and cut the man's seatbelt before pulling him back to shore. the 61-year-old was rushed to the hospital in critical condition. look at this car, how it ended up wedged between a wall and a dumpster.
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the car went airborne with two elderly sisters inside. investigator investigators said the car went flying into the dumpster after hitting the curb when they were pulling into the parking lot. we're told they'll be okay. a teacher in trouble. accused of hitting a student and leaving the student with a bruise. an investigator says it may have all started over a piece of candy. >>reporter: that's right, adam. it all started with a piece of candy and a student acting up in class. the teacher is under arrest as well. police say the 52-year-old has been charged with assault after knocking candy out of a 14-year-old's hand. >>woman: if all she did was slapped the candy out of the hand, i do think it's a bit harsh. >>reporter: investigators say a 14-year-old boy was causing a disturbance in class while
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refused to listen to the teacher and that's when she knocked the candy out of his hand leaving a mark on his wrist. >>woman: if she has a history of that, that type of behavior, then maybe it's appropriate. but if it's an isolated incident and that's all that happened, i think that would be harsh. >>reporter: school leaders say the teacher was placed on administrative leave immediately after the alleged incident. parents and students were notified that a substitute teacher will be continuing after march 1st. >>woman: being a teacher is a hard thing. my son goes to that school and it's a great school. i want to hear both sides. >>reporter: that teacher is charged with simple assault, no court date has been set just yet. apple's locked in a bone
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>>man: have to make sure that the right people use it. >>reporter: tonight, they're saying hold the phone. the federal government ordering apple to help them break into the phone of the suspected san bernardino shooters. but apple is fighting back saying this is a slippery slope. ryan is here to give us a closer look. >>reporter: kim, apple is pledging to fight the judge's ruling. they shouldn't have to give the fbi access to encrypted information on the iphone. the phone could contain critical evidence in the san bernardino attacks like was more planned, was anyone else involved? code. guessing it won't work. after ten unsuccessful tries, the data is scrambled and lost forever. the judge is ordering apple to create and install software on the iphone to defeat security.
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keep putting in numbers to get the phone. >>woman: we all know if you build a back door master key into a lock, you can't control that only good guys are going to use it and bad guys are not going to be able to use it. >>reporter: after months of saying it can't get into a locked phone, apple said it should not be forced to do it. if apple creates that software and it falls into the wrong hands, it could unlock any iphone going against customers who rely on apple to get the data. >>man: their right to privacy is not a total right in the sense if it's being used for criminal purposes. >>reporter: apple has received support from their competitor, the ceo of google saying this could set a troubling precedent. and we're following breaking news right now. word that president obama will visit cuba in march. the trip comes after his administration formally reopened
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we're expected to hear a formal announcement as soon as tomorrow. new poll in the race of the white house getting attention tonight. for the first time, donald trump is not leading in a national poll. what are the candidates saying tonight? >>reporter: we saw four republican presidential candidates on television tonight. three of them on cnn and at the same time, donald trump found a way to make it on tv as well. donald trump answering freight questions in south carolina when the host asked him if he had the temperament to be president. >>man: i think my biggest strength -- >>man: jeb bush would disagree. lindsay gram would disagree. >>man: jeb is a sad case. >>man: there you go again. >>reporter: at the same time, at an old cigar factory if in greenville, they had a town hall with three gop candidates.
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including one of calling ted cruz a liar. >>man: if you say something over and over again and you know it's not true, there's no other word for it. >>reporter: ben carson took a question on gun rights in support of the second amendment. >>man: i like having a gun. it's a nice thing. i have multiple marksmanship awards from rotc and very much in favor of preserving those rights. >>reporter: that verbal sparring is proving to make some waves and new n bc wall street journal national poll showing trump second place to ted cruz and marco rubio rounding out in the top three. ted cruz coming out strong commenting on his new lead in that nbc wall street journal poll. >>man: look, it feels fantastic. we're seeing the old reagan coalition come together.
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two of the cnn town hall and donald trump will be there. live in the newsroom tonight. pitchers and catchers report tomorrow for red sox spring training but one of the team's first priorities is ramirez playing a new position. ramirez is making the move from the outfield to first base. >> this is a gamble they're hoping will pay off. nice and warm? oh, you had to put a jacket on. >>reporter: could be a lot worse, guys. myers. you touched on it there, the red sox making a lot of changes for 2016. part of that has to do with the major changes back in 2014. now he's being tasked with running a third position in many years and hoping to fill a void for the red sox in first base. >>man: everything to me right now is very new. >>reporter: the top of the
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bull pen got a makeover but the biggest change the red sox made this off season, shifting ramirez from left field back to the infield. >>man: i feel comfortable. i know the area in the infield. it's different. like i said, i'm really happy to be back in the infield. >>reporter: the slugger arriving in fort myers wednesday with the first baseman mitt in toe but not his own. >>man: it's all good. >>reporter: ramirez taking a positive approach towards the move. >>man: i'll be at first. no, no, no, maybe i'll be more nervous, i got to go back to short. but first, we just got to -- i got to keep my eyes on the ball. i don't want to get hit by the pitcher. >>reporter: with david ortiz retiring after this season,
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come 2017. but he says not so fast. >>man: i don't make those decisions. i got a boss. >>reporter: and ramirez may have a boss to report to now but if it is a failed experiment at first base, you'll wonder who the boss may be next year. he's just making way too much money playing exclusively only dh and there's no chance he's going back to left field. up next, we've had a deep breeze and a big frost so what's next? >> 30s for tomorrow. tray, stay warm, the wind chill 68. weekend forecast up next. broken pipes leave its entire library just soaked. one family had a bad
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a local school's library washed out after a pipe burst. their water poured all over computers and books, too. >> a big loss. susan is there to show us. >>reporter: and kim, there is so much to clean up. not only the carpets, books, and things like maps water logged but they're possibly contam nated with asbestos. they had crews coming in to clean up. it sounded like a shower that someone turned on in the middle of the library. >>man: the books and everything covered from the materials of the ceiling.
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we went on the tour of the extensive damage. everything wet had to go. >>man: there's fireproof materials on the beams between the floors and some of that material has asbestos in it and that's why we take all the precautions. >>reporter: an entire asbestos removal team called in to clean up. flooding a classroom as well as
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school --
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you can handle this. the city tomorrow morning 27. and through the day tomorrow, it is a colder day but normal for this time of the year. with a mix of clouds and sunshine. there will be a chilly breeze as well. the temps will reach the upper 30s. boston tomorrow afternoon 37. whistler, the numbers into the 30s. friday, morning sun, clouds in the afternoon, seasonable, nice winter day on friday. temperatures up to 40. reasons for the cloud, not a storm but a warm front. the front has warmer air and just like that, the warmer air comes back into new england on saturday and sunday. saturday and sunday, a mix of clouds and sunshine. temps to 40s and 50.
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down at 5:20. march 13, 650, the end is near. good night. we have more on the deadly fire. tim is there now. >>reporter: i can tell you guys investigators just got to the scene a short time ago. you can see the home off in the distance, it's a three story house when one person confirmed dead. ago. investigators are trying to find out the cause of the fire and just exactly how many other people were home at the time. at this time, only confirming one person dead inside this home in plymouth. the fire seems to be contained at this point, but investigators going in there to figure out the exact cause of the fire.
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hung up after trying to surprise her daughter for christmas. she brought a refurbished cell phone. but when her daughter opened the package, it didn't work. >> problem. when she went back to the phone company, she said they refused to help out so she reached out to solve it 7. >>reporter: when it comes to christmas shopping for her four children, she goes in with a game plan. >>woman: we try every christmas to get one big gift. >>reporter: the big gift, an iphone. >>woman: not being able to afford the newest iphone, i went to buy a refurbished iphone which we've done in the past and never had a problem with. >>reporter: she bought the phone through boost mobile website in december, placed it under the tree and waited for her daughter to open it. >>woman: she was very excited but she plugged it in and nothing came up. it was just blank.
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outlet, still nothing. >>reporter: christine said boost mobile informed her of their 14 day return policy and there's nothing i could do. >>woman: it was heart breaking. >>reporter: when christine took the phone to the store that services iphones to be checked out, she got more bad news. the technician told her that a strip was placed over the positive water damage indicator to make it look like it was okay. >>woman: they said it was unfixable. >>reporter: she then went back to boost mobile but got the same response. >>woman: it was like hitting a brick call every time i talked to somebody. i've seen a couple of episodes that you guys help people out. so i said let me see if this is for real. >>reporter: and it was. we reached out to sprint which owns boost mobile and explained the situation. a day later, christine received a phone call from sprint.
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could get a new cell phone for her daughter. >>woman: i said thank god i called solve it 7. >>reporter: our customers are our number one priority and we always do whatever we can do to help them resolve any issues they may have. we are so happy we were able to resolve the customer's concerns to make her happy. >>woman: you guys are wonderful, i can't believe you did it. >>reporter: fortunately, we were able to dial up a solution in this case and maybe we can do the same for you. if you have a problem, give us a call or send us an e-mail. sports director joe will take us back live to florida at spring energy supply rates keep going up and down. at eversource, we don't like it any more than you do. it doesn't mean more money for us.
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spring training is a time for optimism but that may be a tough sell for red sox fans when it comes to ramirez. easily, the most polarizing
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trying to bounce back a hey're comfortable throwing to him. >>man: that's the main key right now. not any ties -- they know where they have to throw the ball. i said right away, just throw in this area and you'll be fine. don't worry, i got you. he don't make bad throws he told me. >>reporter: ramirez said he didn't have much of an off season because a lot of it was
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and getting back into the infielder and getting his weight down for 2016. >>man: i trust our front office to make the right recommendations and the right calls to help our team. >>man: we're letter, talking to every team. kenny is on the phone all the time and he'll do everything he can to improve the team whether it's now or next summer. >>reporter: so far it's looking like the latter for the celtics. they may elect or have no choice than to stand pat. >>man: we're going to keep our home court. i think you'll be seeing us late may/early june down in cleveland. so that should be fun. louisville, syracuse, cardinals showing how to break
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that's our time for tonight. the tonight show starring jimmy fallon comes up next. it's been a pleasure to be with you. thanks for being here, we'll
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